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“I love the cards. I have been giving the cards to my clients to play with and they have really been enjoying them and so have I. They allow us to ease into conversation and have clients relax with their thoughts. It opens a world of dialogue. Thank you for the beautiful gift. Again, I love them!”

– Andrea, PA

“Talk about connection! Not only did I buy one for myself but gave one to a dear IP friend & we use it at our desks. We call each other on the phone each day to see what card we’ve drawn that day. It helps us get thru our 40 hr per week chair jobs! Nice work on the Deck - written so playfully and illustrated so beautifully! Thank you, thank you for doing this!!

– Mary Ellen, IA

“Just needed to get back to you once I had a chance to study your little gift. What a treasure trove! Because they are labeled in such vivid ways, ideas from the deck – soft focus, babbling etc. – spontaneously pop to mind in the midst of my day to guide and inspire, like friends. This project was clearly a labor of love on your part to capture and convey useful, healing ideas in ways that stick in memory, enabling them to effectually enter daily life through application. And that’s the name of the game in the end – living it!!

“What is all the more wonderful is to have witnessed you and Stan embodying these directives among us so successfully – for years. Thank you for this joyful, enticing, practical gift!”

– Cheryl, CT

“I have been using the deck for my Hospice work… Asking patients or caregivers to pick a card and see how it “fits” them. Inevitably, the card is just right for the moment. It’s a beautiful deck of cards and such an easy way to show what InterPlay is.”

– John, CA

“So I brought my fun pack of round cards. I was drawn to the Loosely and Tightly card…..I am thinking take it loosely….yeah…relax…then take it tightly….yeah….strangle it…till it can’t breathe…..back and forth back and forth…loose and tight. And then I turned the card over……Loosely and Lightly. Aaaaah. Ok. No strangling involved whatsoever….interesting concept. I am having to rethink this whole thing now….soften my grip and relax.”

– Cynthia’s sister, CA

“The cards in the InterPlay Inspiration Deck are easy to use and provide sweet insight into the everyday challenges.”

– Sheri, WA

“I love using The InterPlay Inspiration Deck and the way it helps me tap into my own inner wisdom. The suggested exercises are also a great way to bring InterPlay into my every day.”

– Unknown fan, USA

I carry it in my backpack everyday and today I used it to start my day. I am heading to my parents (who are aging) for an overnight. I have to transition from my life here as a father, husband, etc. to my life there. Easy Focus is what I chose. Seems like the perfect thing to help me and guide me. The InterPlay Inspiration Deck touches me in many ways and many days. I am thankful for such a gift.”

– Will, PA