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The InterPlay Inspiration Deck was born in 2001 at an InterPlay Untensive in North Carolina.

During that workshop the InterPlay forms began to speak to me as characters, each with a story, symbol, and color. I was a reluctant student and did not listen to their true yearning to come to life until 2008! Suddenly, I could not stop thinking about them. I found my original journal and began to write whenever the impulse came to me. I worked on sketches of the characters alone and with my brother, Gregory, until we came up with something that said, YES! It took the artistry of my dear friend and graphic designer extraordinaire, Marci Molina, to seal the deal! She really got what I was trying to say and the InterPlay Inspiration Deck was born in 2009! The deck consists of 21 cards and a 42 page booklet.

The gestation period was painful and rich! The cards and the booklets were printed in India by Print Masters, India. The round tins came from PaperMart in California. The stickers were done in Pennsylvania by Five Thousand Forms, and they are currently being put together by a wonderful group of elves at my home in Delaware Water Gap, Pennsylvania.

I hope that by using these cards you will connect more deeply to your own body wisdom and discover the profound truths of InterPlay. Learn more at

Until we meet, keep an Easy Focus!

Anita Bondi